Perete placat gabion
Saltele stabilizare mal
Garduri Gabioane
Gard Gabioane

Structuri estetice si rezistente din piatra si metal, care va pun in valoare proprietatea

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Perete din Gabioane

Placari pereti cu piatra si metal

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Saltele, Stabilizare

Stabilizare maluri de rau

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Beautiful, Eco-Friendly and Long Lasting

Gabions can be a natural and stunning looking alternative to traditional constructions and they can really showcase your property. A different and ecological while also unique look, for a competitive price.

Gard Gabion


The modular structure of these walls allows for different widths, as the height increases. In particular, gabions are very strong, while also having great structural and dimensional stability. Besides that, they are also flexible, so they accommodate ground movement and settlement where needed.

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Gabion decorative

Decorative Gabions

We can also build garden furniture and outside decorations from metal and stone for a natural and beautiful effect. Another reason to choose gabions!

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Wall Cladding

Gabion Wall Cladding

Gabion Wall Cladding can be built anytime of the year, while galvanized wire mesh and fasteners ensure a lifetime of over 55 years.

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Mattresses against water erosion

Gabion Mattresses

Mattresses are wider compared to their height. They come in a variety of mesh sizes, typically up to 300 mm.

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Our principles

Building stunning and eco-friendly, while also long lasting structures.

Respect and transparency for our customers .

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