Beautiful, natural looking structures built from stone and metal


“Gabbione” in Italian meaning „big cage”, a gabion is a box (or it can be a cylinder, or a cage) filled with sand, rocks or alternatively with broken concrete blocks. It has many uses in civil engineering, landscaping as well as in military applications. In recent years it became the go-to solution for walls, wall cladding and structures perfectly matched to a natural setting.

These walls are modular, so they can have different widths as their height increases. They are particularly strong while also stable, from both structural and dimensional perspectives. Besides that they are are also flexible, so they are not affected by ground movement or settlement.

Gabions’ life expectancy depends mainly on the lifespan of the wire. While stone will last for centuries, the structure will fail when the wire fails. In general, their life expectancy is around 50 to 55 years, and this is reflected by most manufacturers’ warranties. The PVC coated galvanized wire gabions are estimated to have a longer lifespan, somewhere around 60 years by some estimations.

Recent projects

Below are some of Gabion Transilvania LTD recent projects.

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